RE: [xslt] Thread safety changes

Please indulge my ignorance; I know nothing about libxslt except that
libxmlsec uses it. It seems clear that I'll need to call xsltInit. Is "using
per-thread error handlers" simply a matter of using xsltSetGenericErrorFunc
to install a thread safe error handler? It looks to me like the transform
error handler is thread agnostic, and will be thread safe if the generic
error function is. I assume the stylesheet error handler would behave

I gather the safety issue here is a result of possible contention for the
global file pointer. Is that correct? If so, xsltGenericDebugContext has the
same problem.

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Subject: Re: [xslt] Thread safety changes

Hey, remember back when Jesse Pelton said:
> - Once Peter Jones' patch is applied, will libxslt be thread safe by
> default?

Yes and no. Once xsltInit is public, you can call that before any
threads use libxslt. After that, it should just be a matter of using
per-thread error handlers in the stylesheet and transform contexts.

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