[xslt] multiple files generation directory


xsltproc and my program using xsltlib seems to change the current dir to
the directory of the xsl file before processing. That means that the
output html files are written in amongst the xsl files, rather than in
the build (current) directory. 

For xslt the option -o /tmp/ does not work.

I've been looking for solution in the list archives but found only this
question and no answer... The interesting stuff is that in some cases
the html files are generated into current directory and in some other
cases they get generated in the directory where xslt file is located...

This is the output of  xsltproc --version:

Using libxml 20501, libxslt 10024 and libexslt 715
xsltproc was compiled against libxml 20500, libxslt 10024 and libexslt 715
libxslt 10024 was compiled against libxml 20500
libexslt 715 was compiled against libxml 20500

Linas Jakucionis aka Brovienas
http://bro1.tk/               - my personal page
http://qixite.sf.net/         - project qixite
http://kylixlibs.sf.net/      - Kylix libraries packaging project

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