Re: [xslt] Thread Safety Changes

Hey, remember back when Daniel Veillard said:
>   I don't see right now why a special xsltProcessStylesheetFromDoc()
> is needed ....

It just seems more in line with xsltSetTransformErrorFunc. I think this
is better than a function like:

	xsltStylesheetPtr SomeName (xmlDocPtr, void *ctx,
		xmlGenericErrorFunc func);

Because the version I wrote can be used if any other future functions
are created so that the user can alter the xsltStylesheetPtr before it
is processed.

That said, the code is thread safe either way.

>   I'm away until the week-end, I will look at this then.

Well, I hope you are having a good time then :-)

Peter Jones <unix;c++;crypto;xml;vi;4wd;geek> [ ]
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