Re: [xslt] This could be a Perl question

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Walter Hansen wrote:

> I'm having troubles with the XML::LibXSLT implementation. This is in perl,
> but it works through your code. I've sent mail to the guy who wrote the perl
> mod, but I thought that it could be on the C end. The problem is that it
> chokes when translating a large XML file into html via a XSL file. I get:
> Original Error: Can't coerce GLOB to string in entersub at ./ line 237,
> <STDIN> chunk 30
> Latest Error: Can't coerce GLOB to string in entersub at ./ line 194,
> <STDIN> chunk 32.
> The XML file in question is about 500k. These routines deal with the file as
> a variable. When I try to deal with it as a file I get Out of Memory errors,
> something I'd never seen before on a commercial Unix style box.
> Please shed some light on this if you can or at least tell me I'm barking up
> the wrong tree.

The email you sent me was over 20K long, most of it being a perl script.
I'm not about to go digging out the problem from such a large script.
Minimise the problem to < 30 lines of code and I can help.

Generally the above error message indicates something really wierd
happened in the XML::LibXSLT internals. Which usually means something
really wierd happened trying to run your XSLT.

As Daniel suggests - run your XML/XSLT through xsltproc and see what you

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