Re: [xslt] Thread Safety Changes

On Wed, Jan 29, 2003 at 03:44:42PM -0800, Peter Jones wrote:
> Hey, remember back when Daniel Veillard said:
> >   Exactly ! Providing a patch would speed up the process ;-)
> While working on this I have noticed that a few functions, such as
> xsltMessage, are calling xsltGenericError even though they have access
> to a xsltTransformContextPtr.

  Okay, I think this should be fixed except for the xsl:message

> Does it make sense to change these calls to xsltTransformError?


> xsltMessage should have access to the Stylesheet via
> xsltTransformContextPtr->style.

  xsltMessage is specific, I don't think the error should go in the
contextual pool. This is really a message intended to go out.


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