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  • Fw: [Bug 165814] New: very low (19 times) performance of widgets entry&label in comparison to GTK+-1.2, Jiri Cerny
  • tree_view_button_press broken, Tim Janik
  • do I need to disconnect handlers connect to own signal on dispose, Stefan Kost
  • Are stock icons also named icons?, Damon Chaplin
  • disabling the consuming of Ctrl+shift+f etc keystrokes, Vedran Rodic
  • IPA Input Method using X-SAMPA, Denis Jacquerye
  • g_try_new and g_try_new0 + error reporting for g_object_set, Stefan Kost
  • GTK+ team meeting, Matthias Clasen
  • logic error/missing include in glib/configure.in, Mathieu Lacage
  • Please help me with GtkListStore, Vinod Joseph
  • Please help me to migrate gtk2.4.13 to new arch, Falls Huang
  • any known problems with the gtk_tree_model_filter ?, Olivier Sessink
  • GtkWidget focus handling, Risto Kivilahti
  • How to implement transparency in GtkWidget?, Gaurav Jain
  • need help for Pango module, Jens Herden
  • BadImplementation X Window System error with GTK+ 2.6.1, Albert Chin
  • Perceived Software Quality Survey (PESQUS) for GNOME, Human Aspects of Software Engineering
  • Epiphany toolbar editor, Mike Hearn
  • GtkTreeModel doesn't emit rows-reordered, Jimmy Do
  • Looking for admins for gtk-i18n-list, gtk-devel-list, Owen Taylor
  • FW: [Glade-devel] RE: Win32 port of GTK+2.6.1, Tor Lillqvist
  • An attempt at Win32 build instructions, Owen Taylor
  • Notes on cairo/win32, Owen Taylor
  • some little things to change on GLib 2.6.1, Benoit Carpentier
  • Introspection, Matthias Clasen
  • GTK+ and GLib 2.6 branch, Owen Taylor
  • GtkMenuBar internals help?, Dave Ahlswede
  • GTK+ 2.6.1 released, Matthias Clasen
  • GLib 2.6.1 released, Matthias Clasen
  • include gtkspell3 in gtk+, Kristof Vansant
  • Standard dialogs, Murray Cumming
  • Re: GObject Serialization, Stefan Kost
  • Re: [Bug 161797] Save as... fails in win32 when curdir is on server, Owen Taylor
  • GTK+ team irc meeting, Matthias Clasen

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