Re: An attempt at Win32 build instructions

 > > Hmm, what's gw32c needed for? I would be a bit wary of using it,

 > I think it's just getting used internally to libpng.

OK. I presumably have a bit older libpng12.dll, which does not use
it. (libgw32c is a DLL, right?)

 > As far as I can see their headers are encapsulated in include/winx
 > so I'd hope they would be hidden from glib.

OK, sounds good.

 > Well, if we are using the gnuwin32 libpng, we don't have much choice
 > we don't have much choice other then to use their zlib. 

What's the DLL called, BTW? The zlib official DLL name is
zlib1.dll. If gnuwin32's build is binary compatible, I guess they
could/should use the same name, and in fact it should then be
irrelevant whose build one uses. (But on the other hand, why does
gnuwin32 bother providing it at all, when there is an official DLL
available from the zlib webpage?)


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