Re: An attempt at Win32 build instructions

On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 23:48 +0000, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> Owen Taylor writes:
> > Add the gnuwin32 Gw32c and Zlib libraries to the list of packages to
> > install.
> Hmm, what's gw32c needed for? I would be a bit wary of using it, it
> contains such an overwhelming amount of mock Unixness that it can
> confuse people and configure scripts.
> (Just to pick an example: a getuid() that always returns 0. So, some
> configure script might then define HAVE_GETUID, and some software then
> always think "oh, we are running as super-user", which might have odd
> consequences.)
> I also don't how well it might have been tested. How does it work
> together with MSVCRT's wide-char support, for instance?

I think it's just getting used internally to libpng.

> Have you checked what functionality your build pipcks up from
> libgw32c? For instance, compare your glib's config.h with the
> pregenerated-for-MSVC-users config.h.win32.

Hmm. I didn't rebuild glib after installing libgw32c. You think
it is installing headers that override the mingw ones? As far
as I can see their headers are encapsulated in include/winx
so I'd hope they would be hidden from glib.

> About zlib, as its maintainer provides official Windows binaries, I
> think those should be used and not gnuwin32's.

Well, if we are using the gnuwin32 libpng, we don't have much choice
we don't have much choice other then to use their zlib. 

(I was just following
on the choice of libpng)

Though it's possible that stripping down the pkg-config --libs libpng13
output to just -lpng13 would fix this, since they seem to use the
same name. And probably fix the libgw32c dependency... it pretty
much has to fix the libgw32c dependency since there isn't a 
libgw32c dll.


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