Re: [cairo] Re: Notes on cairo/win32

On 13/01/05 20:27:43, Owen Taylor wrote:

I think that the claim is that the flat API is C++ based too...

Concern, at least, yes.

GpPath *is* defined as a class, but only in the most trivial way.
As far as I can see, it's really just an opaque pointer and you could
use a C definition like:

 typedef struct GpPath_ GpPath;

and it should work fine.

Let's hope you're right. I'll try and have a play tomorrow and see if I can put together a gdiplusflat.h which uses opaque pointers or drops functions that take classes that appear to be wrappers themselves (eg., GdipAddPathRectanglesI which probably just wraps GdipAddPathRectangleI).


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