Re: An attempt at Win32 build instructions

Owen Taylor writes:
> Add the gnuwin32 Gw32c and Zlib libraries to the list of packages to
> install.

Hmm, what's gw32c needed for? I would be a bit wary of using it, it
contains such an overwhelming amount of mock Unixness that it can
confuse people and configure scripts.

(Just to pick an example: a getuid() that always returns 0. So, some
configure script might then define HAVE_GETUID, and some software then
always think "oh, we are running as super-user", which might have odd

I also don't how well it might have been tested. How does it work
together with MSVCRT's wide-char support, for instance?

Have you checked what functionality your build pipcks up from
libgw32c? For instance, compare your glib's config.h with the
pregenerated-for-MSVC-users config.h.win32.

About zlib, as its maintainer provides official Windows binaries, I
think those should be used and not gnuwin32's.

> (The GnuWin32 people apparently somehow broke bincompat between 
> libpng-1.2.7 and libpng-1.2.8 so are being incompatible with 
> the rest of the world and advertising a 'libpng13'. It's only used 
> internally to the png-loader, so we can accept that under protest.)

They (or, "he", I think it is a one-man project) have also had
inter-package DLL name inconsistencies in the past, with one package
providing a certain DLL under one name, and another requiring it under
another name.


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