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  • [no subject], Unknown
  • Saving file position in mcedit, Pavel Roskin
  • [BUG] extfs: uzip script + password protected zip files, Pavel Tsekov
  • Re: Don't allow stdout and stderr from extfs scripts pollute the screen., Andrew V. Samoilov
  • mc-4.6.0-pre1 -- some (groff>=1.18 related) problems, Peter Breitenlohner
  • refresh pb using man pages, Jérémy HERVE
  • [PATCH] file position saving, BÁRTHÁZI András
  • [PATCH] bracket matching extension, BÁRTHÁZI András
  • Re: [PATCH proposal] FISH: don't let ssh write its ouput to thecontrolling tty, David Sterba
  • saving file position, bracket matching extension, BARTHAZI Andras
  • sql.syntax, Valery Kartel
  • [PATCH] history_show_duplicates, Tomas Styblo
  • RE: midnight bug - feature request, BÁRTHÁZI András
  • [Possible BUG] FISH doesnt read the contents of the home dir on the remote machine if one connects like this user@host, Pavel Tsekov
  • [PATCH proposal] FISH: don't let ssh write its ouput to the controlling tty, Pavel Tsekov
  • [BUG] FISH: trying to view a file (F3) to which I have no permission causes a hang, Pavel Tsekov
  • Bug: no indication of non-readable dirs, Victor Porton
  • Segmentation fault in editor (F4+F4), David Martin
  • mc: Could you add a "Skip all" if the source file can't be read?, Adrian Bunk
  • Alt-O behavior changed, Pavel Roskin
  • Compiled mc on OS-X (Jaguar), Wim Rijnders
  • Bug in Ada95 syntax, Victor Porton
  • mtools extfs script patch proposal, Standa Opichal
  • editing removes suid, Nerijus Baliunas
  • bug in configure?, Marco Ciampa
  • Patch to eliminate temporary scripts in the exec_extention(), Andrew V. Samoilov
  • Re: ALT ('-') and ALT('+'), Vlad Romanenko
  • Fw: Re: ftp handling bug possible (affected 4.6.0pre1), Vlad Romanenko
  • Re: [BUG] running mc "over" running one, Pavel Roskin
  • Re: mc wish: possibility to configure passive/active ftp mode from UI (fwd), Pavel Roskin
  • Re: Need help with csh syntax, Pavel Roskin
  • %config for files under /usr/share., Andrew V. Samoilov
  • Re: Backward search in the internal viewer, Andrew V. Samoilov
  • [BUG] Disappearing of first line after Ctrl-Y, Dmitry Semyonov
  • Bug with fish and '$' in file names, Bernhard Walle

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