[BUG] extfs: uzip script + password protected zip files


If someone tries to view,extract,edit,etc a file from a password protected
zip archive with MC the program will hang badly. MC doesnt hang actually but
is waiting for unzip  which waits the user to enter a password. I assume that
this problem is also there for other archive formats which support password

I've checked the zipinfo manual page and there is an easy way to find out if
an archive is encrypted or not:

       The fifth field consists of two characters, either of which may take
       several values.  The first character may be either `t' or `b',
       ing  that zip believes the file to be text or binary, respectively;
       if the file is encrypted, zipinfo notes this fact by  capitalizing 
       character  (`T'  or  `B').

So if the uzip script is changed to inform the vfs layer that there is and
encrypted file in the archive then the vfs layer should be modified
aproapriately to handle the password input or just to fail further operations on the
encrypted file.

I haven't still looked at the code and I dont know if this is a task which
can be completed fairly easy and without heavy modifications to the code.

Any thoughts ? Had someone tried in the past to fix this ? Any hints ? :)


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