Re: bug in configure?


> > I see that you have committed some fixed to lib/  I have two 
> > problems with it.  If the change is not trivial, please describe it in the 
> > ChangeLog.
> Since I'm a newbie, I've never touched the Changelog (is it a simple
> text file or it has a special format?)
> Sorry for my ignorance...

ChangeLog is just a text file (i.e. there is no program that uses or
generates it), but it has a format described in the GNU Coding Standards
(run "info standards" to read the description).

> > I may reconsider this practice if it gives a bad example to other 
> > developers.
> I've done it without looking at you. Bad practices are very common...

Good to know :-)

> > I did check the scripts, so it was working for me already. 
> You are right, they were correct. I've reset the changes by myself...

Great!  Thank you!

> > Feel free to apply those changes if maint/doctest creates empty output
> > files (I really should improve it)


Pavel Roskin

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