Re: Compiled mc on OS-X (Jaguar)

Hello, Wim!

> file src/regex.c, line 302:
> The line contains the following:
> 	typedef unsigned long int uintptr_t;
> I got an error that uintptr_t has already been defined.

That's because configure in mc didn't define HAVE_UINTPTR_T.  I have fixed

> Got an error on line 460 along the lines of: 'Error 4 parameters given 
> when 5 expected'.
> Resolved this by adding a semicolon as last parameter in line 458:
>   MC_OP (name, inarg, callarg, if (handle == -1) return -1; vfs = vfs_op 
> (handle);, ;)

That's the right solution (or workaround).  I've applied it.  However, I
believe that it's a bug in your C compiler.  You may want to report it to
the developers.  I used not just gcc, but also lcc and tendra compilers,
both of which are quite picky, and neither had this problem.

What's the name and the version of your C compiler?

Pavel Roskin

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