Re: mc wish: possibility to configure passive/active ftp mode from UI (fwd)


> Thanks, but I am sure Andrew W. Nosenko should not be responsible for my
>   patches ;-)

Sorry, I didn't realize who wrote the patch.

> You removed mc.no_proxy description, so it became undocumented feature.

Thanks!  Fixed.  My desription of the passive mode also was wrong - it's
fixed now.

> > Sorry, I don't understand this part.  Probably because I didn't see
> > the beginning of the discussion.
> Andrew asked possibility to set passive/active mode personally for each
> FTP connection.

We can add a button "VFS options" to the FTP dialog to make it easy to set
the relevant options before the connection.  The "Virtual FS..."  dialog
clearly needs the "Save" button, just like some other configuration

As for the new syntax, we need a common syntax to specify options for VFS.  
There are options for fish (rsh, compressed), there is an option for ftpfs
(force proxy).  If we make a common function to handle it, it's fine to
add the "passive" option.

I don't think anything less than that is worth the trouble.  If an FTP
server doesn't support the passive mode, it's the server that needs
fixing, not mc.

Pavel Roskin

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