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     quick_widgets[5].str_result = &q;
     quick_widgets[5 + OA].result = &tedit_syntax_highlighting;

Plus means that you are adding this line.  That's what diffs are for.  
You see what was added and what was removed.  If you don't do it, then 
somebody else should do it for you.

Please note that no testing can find all bugs.  If you add or remove
something and you understand why you are doing it, it's fine.  But if you
are adding or removing code without even realizing it, then it's not OK.  
Your code will need to be rechecked more carefully, maybe even rewritten.

This particular change is not important, because HAVE_SYNTAXH is always 1.  
But it's wasn't the case before I added syntax highlighting for mc
compiled with ncurses library.

> You told, YOU OPTIMIZED it.

I don't remember that.  It's better that you write message instead of ten,
but put your facts straight.

> And now, you ask me about a thing, I just used to make the code
> consequence. Where the hell I should know that you would like to remove
> this option, and I should do that???

You misunderstood me.  You are not supposed to know that.  I offered to
make a cleanup so that your patch would not need to include those parts.
Actually, this is a minor issue.  I can easily do it.

Anyway, I think I'll try to apply this patch before the release.  The idea
is good, the implementation is basically OK, the changes are not too

Pavel Roskin

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