RE: Saving file position in mcedit


> I have tried the patch for saving file position, and indeed 
> it seems very 
> convenient.  I think it should be in 4.6.0.
You're getting understand while I thought that I have to make my first
adventure with C. :))
> I'm doing minor cleanups now.  In particular, I changed
> edit_move_to_column() to be much more effective (current 
> patch is attached for the curious).
C is still a bit alien for me, that's why I made "a bit" strange
modifications. Please care about that if you edit the EditPos file by
hand or the file somehow modified by other person, and the column is
over the end of line (if it's evidence for you, then sorry :).
> Any other reasons to tie positions to full filenames?
Yes, I think. It could be strange for a user, that he edit "two files",
and the positions are still the some. There must be a reason, why you
make a link to another file. IMHO normally you won't edit the original
and the link at the almost same time. With a tricky use of full
filenames, you can make a link a file, and you can edit the file at two
positions at the same time: you go to the original, edit it's first
part, go to the link file, edit it's second part, etc... Don't think I
think it serios, just an option.

Renaming can be a good reason, to do it, but do you do it so often?
Actually, I don't know. :)


An idea: we should store not just the xy, but screenxy positions, too.
What do you think about?


And another idea. Now both edit_move_to_column and edit_move_to_line
subroutines are available in the editor. It's time to make it possible
to store positions as bookmarks, for example Alt-0, Alt-1, Alt-2 going
to bookmarks, Alt-S 0 stores the current position to the bookmark 0.
Don't care about the examples, just the idea. The bookmark positions can
be stored in the EditPos file, too.

It could be another convenience if you edit a file at two positions at
the same time, you don't have to use pgup/pgdown so much.


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