Re: mc: Could you add a "Skip all" if the source file can't be read?

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 12:37:32PM -0500, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hello, Adrian!

Hi Pavel!

> > It would be nice to have an option "Skip all" to make it possible to
> > mirror as much as possible from a directory tree where you don't have
> > read permission on all files without getting asked at every single file.
> It's already in TODO for version 4.6.1:
> Add "Ignore" and "Ignore all" buttons when reporting permission problems.
> You can make it happen earlier if you submit a patch.
> I think "Skip all" would be confusing.  It could mean "skip all _files_", 
> while "Ignore all" would clearly mean "ignore all _errors_".

Yes "Ignore all" sounds better (I did see the missing feature but didn't
think that much about the wording). It's really nice to hear that it's
already on your TODO list.  :-)

Unfortunately I have neither knowledge of the mc source code nor much
time left at the moment so it's quite unlikely that I'll be able to
submit a patch.  :-(



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