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  • [Glade-devel] GladeMenuEditor update., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] Re: Patch to re-enable "user_data" parameter in Glade-2.0, Jeannot Langlois
  • [Glade-devel] [glade3] TODO updated, Paolo Borelli
  • [Glade-devel] GladeMenuEditor UI Review for Glade3 (Glade2 developers' and users' feedback needed too), Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] One-liner fix., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] Glade Menu Editor for Glade3, Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] Re: Re-enabling signal handler's "user_data" parameter, Jeannot Langlois
  • [Glade-devel] (idea) remove GladeWidget->children, Victor Porton
  • [Glade-devel] Glade as Bonobo components, Sridhar R
  • [Fwd: RE: [Glade-devel] (idea) remove GladeWidget->children], Paolo Borelli
  • [Glade-devel] latest commits + remove GladeWidget->children, Paolo Borelli
  • [Glade-devel] libglademm, C.J. Collier
  • [Glade-devel] Patch for glade3, a good one and a stupid one., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] Some ideas on window's specific code., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] ChangeLog entries in glade3, Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] A library API to Glade3 for other programs., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] CVS commit policy for glade3 module., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] Glade3 patch for project load bug fix., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] GtkNotebook decrease pages fix., Archit Baweja
  • [Glade-devel] libgtk2.0-0: Adding additional RC files, Victor Porton
  • [Glade-devel] tooltip bug in Glade-2, Vomberg Istv├ín
  • [Glade-devel] Trivial patch for glade-widget.c commited., Archit Baweja

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