[Glade-devel] (idea) remove GladeWidget->children

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 07:42, Victor Porton wrote:
Well, then why you have separate widgets tree view?! Why not left only the
project window having there _tree_?

(the part you quoted was about the clipboard, but I assume you are
talking about the widget tree and the main window)

I think that we should try to stay with the same gui of glade-2 as long
as glade-3 is not ready. Once it can be used for real work we can review
all the gui with the ui/usability expert. IMHO making arbitrary changes
now wolud make the glade2->glade3 transition more difficult.

Anyway I don't have a strong opinion about getting rid of the widget
tree in a separate window and put it in the main window instead of the
simple list of toplevels, but you must consider the following:
- if the project is big an expanded widget tree can be quite big and
have many levels of indentation, while the main window has a fixed small
- In my personal experience you don't use the widget tree that much,
while you often need to click on the toplevels to switch from a window
to another; as a matter of fact the widget tree is hidden on startup.

The important thing is that in glade3 the ProjectView is a widget which
implements the widget tree/list and make this kind of change is really
easy: in particular if Anjuta or Scaffold use glade3 thay can choose to
use this widget in the way that fit them better, e.g putting the widget
tree in a page of a notebook etc.

So we would have lesser number of windows what would do using Glade MUCH
more convenient.

I'm not sayng that it's wrong, but the trade off is getting rid of a
window (which is not used a lot) and clutter the main window with more

We also need to have "Collapse all" button near the tree widget.

This would definetely be good. I would say to put both a Collapse and an
Expand button in the widget tree window. Patches welcome ;)
(maybe you could also try to get such a change into glade2)


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