[Glade-devel] Trivial patch for glade-widget.c commited.

On Mon, 2003-08-04 at 00:36, Archit Baweja wrote:

Just thought I'd send in a note that I commited a one-liner patch for 
glade-widget.c. The dialog which appears before someone inserts a Gtk[VB]ox or
a GtkTable, had its buttons in the wrong order ("Ok" then "Cancel"), which is
against the HIG. Now its "Cancel" then "Ok" :-)

Just to let you know.


Also I think I put in a bug report for this in bugzilla IIRC. Create a 
GtkWindow, with a GtkHBox and say a GtkButton in the first placeholder. When
you save the project it saves fine. But on loadup, it creates a 6 placeholder
GtkHBox. Something wrong with glade_project_open () (or functions it calls).
I'll be working on that and sending in a patch (hopefully) in sometime.

Not that it matters much, but I couldn't find you bug in bugzilla...
Anyway if you track the bug down it would be great; as a random gues I
would look at glade_gtk_box_set_size() into glade-gtk.c.

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