[Glade-devel] Patch for glade3, a good one and a stupid one.

Selon Archit Baweja <bighead users sourceforge net>:


Here are a few fixes for glade3. There are mainly 2 parts to this patch

1) In gtk-base.xml I've added the "filename" attribute for which ever
GladeWidgetClass an .xml is existing in the widgets/ dir. This is the good

I'm still reviewing each xml file, to see if we can just generalize what the 
xml changes and thus remove it (fixing glade) or if it's indeed a useful xml 

The widgets that don't have a filename attribute, but have a xml file have not 
yet been reviewed.

I try to finish the review tomorrow.  If I don't give any signal, just commit 
it :)

   Besides some typo fixes in various .xml files.

Commit this one

2) Again in gtk-base.xml I have omitted the "generic_name" attribute from
   GladeWidgetClass tags, since generally generic_name is the "name" minus
   library specific prefix (Gtk or Gnome or Bonobo are currently supported).

I was also at first tempted to remove generic_name, but in fact, the whole 
point of the xml files is to remove the dependecy on the exact widgets that 
glade handles, so that people would be able to add new widgets at runtime.

So we'll not known in advance what are the "supported" prefixes, and there is 
no way to known how to derive a generic_name from a name.


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