[Glade-devel] Patch for glade3, a good one and a stupid one.


Here are a few fixes for glade3. There are mainly 2 parts to this patch

1) In gtk-base.xml I've added the "filename" attribute for which ever GladeWidgetClass an .xml is existing in 
the widgets/ dir. This is the good one.
   Besides some typo fixes in various .xml files.

2) Again in gtk-base.xml I have omitted the "generic_name" attribute from all
   GladeWidgetClass tags, since generally generic_name is the "name" minus the
   library specific prefix (Gtk or Gnome or Bonobo are currently supported).

   So there is the new function
   glade_widget_class_compose_generic_name_from_name. But that is only used if
   in the .xml file the generic_name attribute is not set. This is done so that
   in the future if some other lib like libeeg adds it's catalog .xml
   describing it's widgets can use it or in other rare case where the 
   generalization I made about the "generic_name being name minus the prefix.."
   is not true.

   Phew. This btw, is the "kinda stupid" patch.

Please review and tell me if the 2nd part of the patch is to be really applied
or not. And the 1st part too for that matter.

Archit Baweja

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