[Glade-devel] Some ideas on window's specific code.

This goto is not at all related to windows code.

It falls on one of the legal uses of goto, error
handling.  As C doesn't have the slightlest clue of
exceptions, there no much choices to use a goto to
release the allocated resources at the end of the
function (the alternative is a bunch of spaguetti
code, much messier than using goto).


--- Archit Baweja <bighead users sourceforge net>

I noticed that in some source files that Joaquin has
been using some "goto" 
statements to make glade3 compilable on windows
platform. (lblError is a goto
tag I saw in there). Don't you think it is better to
use preprocessor flags
and #ifdef's rather than lblError? or is that "goto"
for something else besides
window's specific code. We all know "goto" is not
all that an encouraged
programming practice.

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