[Glade-devel] tooltip bug in Glade-2


I found a little bug in Glade-2.

When I add a tooltip to a widget, it works properly in Glade window.
When I build the C source file, it goes wrong.

Let me show an example:

This is the part of the glade file:

 <widget class="button" id="CentralAddInstrument">
  <property name="visible">True</property>
  <property name="tooltip" translatable="yes">Add new instrument to the list</property>
  <property name="label">gtk-add</property>
  <property name="use_stock">True</property>
  <signal name="clicked" handler="on_CentralAddInstrument_clicked" last_modification_time="Sat, 14 Jun 2003 
06:59:33 GMT"/>

The C source, after build:

  CentralAddInstrument = gtk_toolbar_insert_stock (GTK_TOOLBAR (CentralInstrumentToolbar),
                                NULL, NULL, NULL, -1);

The definition of the API function gtk_toolbar_insert_stock is:

GtkWidget*  gtk_toolbar_insert_stock        (GtkToolbar *toolbar,
                                             const gchar *stock_id,
                                             const char *tooltip_text,
                                             const char *tooltip_private_text,
                                             GtkSignalFunc callback,
                                             gpointer user_data,
                                             gint position);

It seems, that the *tooltip_text gets the the stock_id instead of the

Sorry, I can not find the function in the Glade source that makes the
mistake, I hope, that this description is enough to fix this bug.

Thanks a lot,

Istvan Vomberg

Vomberg Istv�n <vomberg chemotron hu>
Chemotron Inc.   www.chemotron.hu

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