[Glade-devel] Glade Menu Editor for Glade3


I was thinking of getting the Menu Editor code which was copied verbatim
(more or less from glade-2) working in glade-3. However since its quite a big
overhaul, I think it would be better to branch the glade3 tree and work on it.
Once done people can review it and we can merge it back into the main tree with
rest of code after fixing some minor conflicts.

Before going forward I have 2 questions...

1) Should I actually branch it, or is the change not major enough to warrant
branching, in which case I could just continue patching HEAD branch.

2) If I do branch, I was thinking I should brach at some point where glade-3
is reasonably stable so that there is less time spent in fixing some other bugs
and more in actually getting Menu Editing to work. For that
    a) Paolo is your "removing GladeWidget->children" patches done? Could you
       test the code and fix some minor bugs introduced (if any).
    b) Joaquin are you done fixing the catalog code?
If you two are done fixing you last major patches, I could consider glade-3
reasonably stable to branch (again, if indeed its needed).


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