[Glade-devel] CVS commit policy for glade3 module.

On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 21:19, Archit Baweja wrote:
Hi (Paolo and Joaquin mainly :-)

Hi Archit!

When I first started hacking on glade3, chema celorio was the maintainer
and he gave me 2 pieces of advice for patches and their subsequent "cvs commit"
(Note: NOT his exact words)

1) The patch should fix something (obviously, which is not the point here)
   and not introduce a new "apparent" bug or break something like the build.
   Always test it. (unless ofcourse IMO its a big patch
   and you want to commit it in 2 stages).

2) Always send an email with the patch to glade-devel-list (which this is)
   for review before commiting.

I don't know if Joaquin discussed his last patch but well it broke the 
build (kinda didn't install glade-palette.xml), but I don't know if he
discussed it on the mailing list either? Somehow its good to have sort of a
history of a patch/feature on the mailing list.

What Joaquin, who is de facto the current maintainer, told me about the
commit policy is this:

- if a patch is simple, go on and commit
- if you think a patch should go in but it's not trivial, commit and
send a mail to the list with explanation.
- in the others cases, discuss first on the list.

If it depends on me, I'd love to see more discussion on glade-devel,
both discussing design issues and commenting patches. Unfortunately
patches/proposals posted recently didn't generate many comments :(

About this specific case (latest Joaquin commit), he told me of his
changes off list, when we discussed my rework of packing properties.
Keep in mind that Joaquin at the moment has some problems with his
internet connection and that he is working on Windows, so it may happen
that he breaks the linux build by mistake...
I have made a simple patch that fixes the linux build, but unfortunatly
I'm having networking problems myself for some days since i'm finally
swithing to adsl :)
You just need to add glade-palette.xml, gtkwidget.xml and gtkbox.xml to

Joaquin commit also reverted a couple of minor changes I checked in,
which I plan to re-commit once I have my sistem working correctly.

In a related note I must also admit that I broke glade-project-view
recently (try to delete a widget to see it). The problem is that the
callbacks connected to the project events (e.g. remove widget) used to
get a GladeWidget as data, while now they get a GtkWidget... The fast
fix (at least I think, I've not tried yet) is to change these callback
functions to take a GtkWidget and then do a
ASAP I'll try to fix this, possibly in a cleaner way (completely switch
project view from GladeWidgets to GtkWidgets and others cleanups).


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