[Glade-devel] GladeMenuEditor UI Review for Glade3 (Glade2 developers' and users' feedback needed too)


"Joaquin Cuenca Abela" <e98cuenc free fr> writes:

Hi Archit,

Probably one of the simplest interfaces would be to remove the Add /
Delete buttons.

Just using the "Insert" and the "Delete" keys on the keyboard can be
used to add a new entry on the GtkTreeView.
Cancel, apply, and ok buttons can also disappear, just leaving a "Close"
button and making changes instantanely applicable (we have undo, so we
don't need "Cancel")

Well although it is a good idea to link to those key-bindings, removing
the Insert and Delete buttons altogether isn't such a good idea IMHO.

We still have the arrow keys to move the entries all around.  These are
also probably superfluous, but I don't see how to remove them so easily.
Probably you can change up and down an entry just with drag & drop.  You
will surely find somebody @usability that will easily find something
better than the left and right buttons.

While we're at it, we could add key bindings for the up/down left/right to
the regular keyboard keys.

DND isn't a bad idea either :-)

As the current is not far from working (at least it worked for flat
menus, if I remember right), I suggest to first finish the current menu,
and then do any wild changes you like :-)


Probably the best list for this discussion is neither glade-users nor
desktop-devel but usability gnome org.  Please, if you want to discuss
it there, start a new thread there instead of cross posting it, this way
we will not have half the discussion here and half the discussion there.

Well I did to the first 2. I might as well start it on usability.


P.S.: I will probably do a little modification to the catalogs after
all, as I've converted glade-gtk into a dynamic library (only on Linux
right now), and just realized that we have no way to specify the name of
the library on the catalog...

You could just hard code it. Just a thought


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