[Glade-devel] A library API to Glade3 for other programs.

On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 10:30, Archit Baweja wrote:
There are 2 main ways of exposing the glade3's capabilities

1) Bonobo || IDL interfaces. Lots of Bonobo/CORBA overhead involved. Gives us
the glade3 develops more to do. But we have the advantage of starting "late"
on working this without changing much of the code. With the other option, we
might just have to start changing from the ground up.

2) A simple C library API interface. Not much overhead. And saves the glade3
developers lot of work. Projects wanting to embedd glade3 can encapsulate
it by wrapping glade3 API calls in their own plugin/dock system.

During our discussion on #devel-tools on irc.gnome.org, we had sort of went in
favour of option 2. But its the community's call.

For what is worth, I prefer option 2; not only because I'm lame and
don't know bonobo properly ;) but also for the following reasons:

- There has been rumors that in the future (2.6?) libglade (or something
equivalent) could be merged into gtk+: IMO it would make sense also have
a tool for creating .glade files that doesn't require any extra

- We've managed to keep glade3 codebase pretty small (using a lot of
gtk2 features that allow us to retrieve information from within the
GObject system) and I fear that switching to bonobo would bloat the
sources, making even harder to jump in and contribute to glade3.

- Glade3 works on Windows. I don't know if using bonobo would be a
problem on that platform.

So I would really prefer to stick with plain gtk.

This obviously does not mean that someone can't create a bonobo
component that wraps glade3 functionality, using this yet-to-be-done

Beside I don't think that switching to a library requires that much
changes to the glade3 code: we're already pretty modular since most of
the code is a collection of independents widgets/objects (the palette,
the editor etc); the part that looks a little harder is

Opting for the library leaves us with a problem hard to solve...
since 'libglade' is already taken, how do we call it? ;)


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