[Glade-devel] (idea) remove GladeWidget->children

On 20-Aug-2003 Paolo Borelli wrote:
Beside in the clipboard view I switched from a GtkTreeStore to a
GtkListStore: as a matter of fact in the clipboard view we (and glade2
does the same) just list the widgets on the clipboard without having a
tree of their childrens. Note that the populate_model[_real] had some
code for adding children, but that was never triggered because was
inside an always false condition.

Well, then why you have separate widgets tree view?! Why not left only the
project window having there _tree_?

So we would have lesser number of windows what would do using Glade MUCH
more convenient.

We also need to have "Collapse all" button near the tree widget.

Victor Porton (porton ex-code com)

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