[Glade-devel] latest commits + remove GladeWidget->children

Looks a good idea


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Objet : [Glade-devel] latest commits + remove GladeWidget->children
      this afternoon I committed a couple of patches which=20
add icons to the entries in the project view (used in the=20
main window and in the widget
tree) and in the clipboard view.
Beside in the clipboard view I switched from a GtkTreeStore to a
GtkListStore: as a matter of fact in the clipboard view we=20
(and glade2 does the same) just list the widgets on the=20
clipboard without having a tree of their childrens. Note that=20
the populate_model[_real] had some code for adding children,=20
but that was never triggered because was inside an always=20
false condition.
A nice side effect of this last change is that the ->children=20
field of GladeWidget is not used anywhere anymore (exception=20
made for a couple of places where ->children is assigned and=20
that can obvoiusly go away): so my next step is to get rid of=20
->children in GladeWidget.
Even if the code impact of this change is small I would like=20
to have "green light" signal before going on, since it is a=20
design issue: as a matter of fact I think that originally the=20
tree structure in GladeWidget (formed by ->parent and=20
->children) was considered as the main structure to map the=20
hierachy of the created GUI and of the xml file. However this=20
information is redundant since Gtk already has a tree=20
structure (each gtkWidget has parent and, if it is a container,
children) and in fact we already use that internal tree to=20
write the .glade file. IMHO keeping this additional tree=20
structure is just a pain since it must be kept in sync with=20
the gtk intenal one (see reparenting in glade_project_add/remove).
Once GladeWidget->children is gone, GladeWidget->parent=20
should be easy to kill: introducing a glade_widget_get_parent=20
function which works as glade_placeholder_get_parent should do.
Comments welcome :)
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