[Glade-devel] CVS commit policy for glade3 module.

Hi (Paolo and Joaquin mainly :-)

When I first started hacking on glade3, chema celorio was the maintainer
and he gave me 2 pieces of advice for patches and their subsequent "cvs commit"
(Note: NOT his exact words)

1) The patch should fix something (obviously, which is not the point here)
   and not introduce a new "apparent" bug or break something like the build.
   Always test it. (unless ofcourse IMO its a big patch
   and you want to commit it in 2 stages).

2) Always send an email with the patch to glade-devel-list (which this is)
   for review before commiting.

I don't know if Joaquin discussed his last patch but well it broke the 
build (kinda didn't install glade-palette.xml), but I don't know if he
discussed it on the mailing list either? Somehow its good to have sort of a
history of a patch/feature on the mailing list.

Archit Baweja

P.S. This just concerns glade3 developers.

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