[Glade-devel] Glade Menu Editor for Glade3


Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com> writes:

If you two are done fixing you last major patches, I could consider glade-3
reasonably stable to branch (again, if indeed its needed).

I'm not very familiar with branches, but I think that if you decide to
branch to work on the menu editor you can do it whenever you want: since
it's a self contained piece of code, it should not be affected by other

Yes but I would like to branch at a stage when the rest of the code is stable.
Like I said, I don't want to bump into bugs (atleast not eh trivial ones), on
my way to fixing the Menu Editor.


While I'm at it let me write some random thoughts/questions/ideas about
the menu editor:

I was going to send a similar followup email too :D

* It seems to me that in gtk-2.4 the menu widget has been completely
overhowled, with the integration of the menu stuff that was in egg. Does
this affect the menu editor? (I think that when gtk2.4 comes out we
should start supporting its new widgets, and probably at some point
switch completely to 2.4 as a requirement)

IIRC its the toolbar not the menubar. Again I have to confirm this.

* A boring, but badly needed change is switching the current menu editor
from gtkclist to gtktreeview: AFAIK is the only thing (modulo minor
stuff) preventing us to compile with -DGTK_DISABLE_DPERECATED

Ofcourse. The current code in the glade-menu-editor.[ch] code is copied
verbatim from glade-2. Besides that we'll also need to put in some catalog
xml files for GtkMenubar, GtkMenuItem, GtkMenu.

* A review/simplification of the ui of the menu editor is probably
needed: maybe we should try to get some inputs (even better mockups)
from users and ui experts.

Indeed, if there was some previous discussion on major changes regarding this
for glade-2 we should keep them in mind too.

* Sometimes ago there was some discussion about changing the way
accelerators for the menu entries work; in particular may be worth
trying to get rid of the key selection dialog and investigate if the
accelerator stuff in libegg fits our needs (you can see it working in
GnomeTerminal keyboard shortcuts editor)


* We must remember that the menu editor is also used for the optionmenu
widget and not only for the menubar. This is probably related to find a
way to specify the "Edit menu" button in the xml file of the widget
class instead of the hack we have now. (Note that this is not strictly
related to the menu editor code itself and may interact/conflict with
Joaquin changes to the catalogs)

I think a simple "can_have_menus" or something simlar xml property would
be all that would be required (and subsquent changes to glade_widget_class_new_from_node).



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