[Glade-devel] Glade Menu Editor for Glade3


Like I said in reply to Joaquin's email, we might need to introduce a 
GladeActionEditor which edits actions for a project.

If its not much extra, we might just have to integrate the GladeActionEditor
with the GladeMenuEditor.

But that is for later I guess. I should get GladeMenuEditor working atleast.
Wouldn't be much of a problem to introduce the GtkActions (IIRC) later.

Paolo Borelli <pborelli katamail com> writes:

On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 00:31, Archit Baweja wrote:
* It seems to me that in gtk-2.4 the menu widget has been completely
overhowled, with the integration of the menu stuff that was in egg. Does
this affect the menu editor? (I think that when gtk2.4 comes out we
should start supporting its new widgets, and probably at some point
switch completely to 2.4 as a requirement)

IIRC its the toolbar not the menubar. Again I have to confirm this.

As a matter of fact the gtk menu stuff was committed yesterday :)

By the way, IIRC the menubar/toolbar stuff in libegg that now is in gtk
were related: you have a set of actions (eg cut, copy etc) and then both
a menu entry and a button in the toolbar can represent the action.
How does this affect our menu editor?


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