[Glade-devel] (idea) remove GladeWidget->children

On 21-Aug-2003 Paolo Borelli wrote:
On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 20:31, Victor Porton wrote:
In other words: I mean that personally I do not need at all (almost) to
have two separate lists of widgets to access to two application's
simulateously. I normally work with one window, so I need one widgets
I consider the present state as an unnecessary duplication.

I still fail to get your point: having a list in the main window and the
widget tree is not meant to display the contents of two differnt
windows, it's only that the the main window only list toplevels widgets.
Eg: Lets say you have a project with a window and a couple of dialogs:
the list in the main window is meant to easily swith between them; if
you sometimes want to have an idea of the complete hierarchy of your gui
you take a look to the widget tree.

My idea (also not necessarily right) which I try to express by these
words is:

Let us have only the tree (and no list). When one needs to switch to a
different application's window, he may press "Collapse all" button and then
click the window's item in the collapsed tree. No need for widgets _list_
to switch between windows.

Victor Porton (porton ex-code com)

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