[Glade-devel] GladeMenuEditor UI Review for Glade3 (Glade2 developers' and users' feedback needed too)

On Tue, 2003-08-26 at 10:58, Archit Baweja wrote:


I have 2 main questions while I'm sort of reimplementing the menu editor for

1) Reworking accellerators. Like Joaquin mentioned in another thread, instead
of selecting accellerators from a menu, it would be better if the user clicks
a button, then presses his keys-combination which is captured by the menu
editor and saved. I think this is much more usable and friendly for users for

I've already mentioned this in another thread, but for the record I'll
repeat it here :)
For the accelerator it may be worth using eggaccelerator.[ch]; it is
used in gnome-terminal for those who want to take a look at it.

Btw, maybe we should cc some other lists beside glade-devel to get some
ui feedback... I don't think that most of the glade-users are subscribed
here. Maybe glade-users or desktop-devel (the first is glade specific
while the second is where most of the gnome ui review take place...)


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