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  • [Evolution] Pleas add MATE .., Joakim Tjernlund
  • [Evolution] Any chance EWS features GetRooms/GetRoomLists will be in Evolution soon?, Joakim Tjernlund
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  • [Evolution] Learning/understanding Evolution, Deslich, Jeffery J (IS)
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  • [Evolution] UTF-8: Non-ASCII in subject: –, Paul Menzel
  • Re: [Evolution] evolution-list Digest, Vol 113, Issue 20, Guy Stalnaker
  • [Evolution] Error while Unknown background operation., Guy Stalnaker
  • [Evolution] Evolution dies when I try to add a contact, Tim Wescott
  • [Evolution] Executing evolution logs the user out, Alexis Alexopoulos
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  • [Evolution] A UI anomaly, Guy Stalnaker
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  • Re: [Evolution] Truncating threads when replying to mail, Andre Klapper
  • [Evolution] evolution 3.2.3, tsloper1 juno com
  • [Evolution] Backing up and restoring data, Craig Hartnett
  • [Evolution] (no subject), tsloper1 juno com
  • [Evolution] Debugging theme comflict, Roy Reese
  • [Evolution] Inbox always opens at top of message list instead of last read message, Chris
  • [Evolution] "Retrieving folder list ...", Adam Tauno Williams
  • [Evolution] managing server certificates, Carl Schaefer
  • [Evolution] birthday in evolution-calender, Bernhard
  • [Evolution] Maal reappearing, Scott Blair
  • [Evolution] Problem with T-Online SSL3.0 SMTP, Sascha Dominique Hausmann
  • [Evolution] exchange online account not showing in evolution, Maurizio Vivarelli
  • Re: [Evolution] Evolution adds new line after each line in previous message on reply and forwarding, Astafev Evgeny
  • Re: [Evolution] Opening links in Firefox, Patrick O'Callaghan

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