Re: [Evolution] Learning/understanding Evolution

On Mon, 2014-12-22 at 01:55 +0000, Deslich, Jeffery J (IS) wrote:
I'm a Systems Engineer that recently took on the role of system administration for a medium sized data 
center. I've no previous experience with Evolution. Does anyone have suggestions on reference/learning 
materials or classes to learn to administer Evolution?

I think some clarification is needed:

Is this for personal use or is Evolution already installed and used by
your user population and you need to support them?

Alternatively, are you switching from a different email client for your
users? What is it?

Are you actually asking about administering an email *service*? That
would be a completely different set of issues and this is probably not
the best forum for discussing them. Questions related to Evo are of
course welcome.



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