Re: [Evolution] Executing evolution logs the user out

On Fri, 2014-12-19 at 15:26 +0000, Tom Davies wrote:
That it wasn't you scolding the new person last time is not the point.

It is the point if I'm being accused of something I'm not responsible
for. If you had cited a specific instance of someone being scolded
rather than simply asked for information, I might have had an opinion.
But you didn't, so the answer must remain a mystery.

Each thread is made hostile.  There is a reason why some communities
growing and increasingly attracting more and more devs.  Others, like
one, are toxic and discourage people from wanting to join in.

Once again, this is not a list for devels, it's a list for users.
Occasionally Milan or some other devel might drop in, but mostly it's
just us chickens.

Calling this list toxic is hyperbole and insulting to its membership.
The vast majority of posts are questions to which people give useful
answers or *polite* requests for more information.


PS While we're about it, I *politely* ask that you not top-post in
replies, and that you reply to the list without cc-ing my personal
email. Both points have been raised multiple times in the past.

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