Re: [Evolution] exchange online account not showing in evolution

On Tue, 2014-12-02 at 18:28 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
You use the evolution preferences to set up a new
account and before exiting the setup you return to the account type
screen to change the account from IMAP to EWS and then complete the

No, not at all.  You can set the Server Type to be "Exchange Web
Services" while you are setting the account up.  Why do you think you
need to go back! There is no way that having to do such a thing would
not have had ridicule poured on it, and have been discussed at long
length, here.

EWS has worked well on Evolution (without having to interact with Gnome
Online Accounts) for a long time.

Believe me, it is like that on my configuration and has been for at
least 18 months. Using the Evolution preferences to set up a new
account, I give the email address under 'identity' and click 'next' and
it jumps directly to the 'account summary' with an imapx / smtp account
at some (for me unknown) provider. I need to go back to the 'receiving
mail' section to change imapx+ to ews and proceed from there. The
opportunity to enter 'ews' is not offered before then. But after that,
it works. You might suggest that the imapx option would also work,
assuming that the lookup finds the right EWS server, but then why would
we need the EWS module in Gnome?


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