Re: [Evolution] Executing evolution logs the user out

On Fri, 2014-12-19 at 17:43 +0000, Tom Davies wrote:
Hi :)  

Most of you are great most of the time.  However it only takes 1 rude
post to sour a thread.  Usually it's about the 1st or 2nd response.
If anyone apologised then it might make amends, even if it's not the
person who was rude - but instead the person being rude seems to be

It is a problem that OpenSource is famous for and one of the reasons
people give for avoiding it.  

I feel like things have significantly improved this year on this
mailing list.  Less flame-wars here against users, less bullying, less
victimisation.  You have come a long way!  It's just a shame to see
someone "trying to be funny" and failing at this time.  
Regards from 
Tom :)  

On 19 December 2014 at 15:39, Pete Biggs <pete biggs org uk> wrote:
        > Which guys are you referring to? You seem to be under the
        > misapprehension that those of us who try to answer questions
        here are
        > all developers. Let me assure that the great majority of us
        > We're mere users like you. Sometimes we answer questions and
        > we ask them. It's called a user community, and asking
        questions properly
        > is a great help to getting them answered.
        I really do sometimes wonder why we bother trying to help
        people.  I've
        come quite close to unsubscribing from this list a few times
        because I
        just can't be bothered with some of the s**t I've got from
I'm calling for an administrator to put an end to this.  Please.

To violate every rule of list etiquette and complain that someone else
is rude makes it hard for me to tolerate.  I am offended by this thread.

Admin, please?


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