Re: [Evolution] (no subject)

On Mon, 2014-12-15 at 19:34 +0000, tsloper1 juno com wrote:
Is there any way to get Evolution mail version 3.10.4 ? My Evolution
backup seems to be version and I have version 3.2.3 which will not
restore the backup. I do not want to lose my E-mails.

Keeping asking the same question worded differently isn't going to get
you any different answers.

You must have created the backup somehow - just install the same version
of Linux that you had when you created the backup.

If the distro you are currently using ships with Evo 3.2.3, then it is
highly unlikely that you will be able to install, or even compile, Evo
3.10.4 on that distro.  Sorry, that's just how it goes - the versions
are just too far apart.

As has been said on this list many, many times before: the Evo backup
files are just compressed tar files containing the data directories plus
some info on the configuration.  You can untar the file to some other
location, you should then be able to see where all your mail is - just
create a temporary account in Evo to point to that location and then
copy all your mail into your current version of Evo.  The mail files are
in Maildir format so you should be able to read them with any version of
Evo - you just can't restore them directly from the backup.


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