Re: [Evolution] Problem with T-Online SSL3.0 SMTP

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Please give your Evolution version.
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 Unfortunately, for fear of a poodle attack, t-online has deactivated
the use of SSL3.0 since october 14. This results in me being unable to
receive any email with evolution. The error message coming up is
""Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption

My operating system/distro is the latest Trisquel GNU/Linux.

Nope, means nothing to me!

I suppose that Evolution needs to provide t-online with some new
certificate for most Germans to be able to use evolution again, no? 

No, nothing to do with certificates, it's at the protocol negotiation
stage that it fails, long before any certificates are exchanged.

Anyway, there is a bug in some versions of Evo (hence why you need to
give the Evo version) in which the wrong protocol is selected.  It can
be worked around by using STARTTLS instead of SSL to a dedicated port.


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