Re: [Evolution] Executing evolution logs the user out

Most of you are great most of the time.  However it only takes 1 rude
post to sour a thread.  Usually it's about the 1st or 2nd response.
If anyone apologised then it might make amends, even if it's not the
person who was rude - but instead the person being rude seems to be

Your perception of "rudeness" does not match up with what I see here -
perhaps you are getting confused with a different list? Or perhaps you
are just more sensitive?

Or are you confusing a request to conform to the norms for the list
(like give version info, no top posting, no html, reply to the list
etc.) as rudeness?  What would be worse, ignoring a post to the list
because it doesn't give enough info to be able to answer the question,
or a request to provide more information?

Is it more rude than people subscribing, posting a question (that was
probably answered in the last week), getting shirty because they weren't
given the answer straight away and were asked for more info. And then
grouching about how awful OpenSource software is ...

It is a problem that OpenSource is famous for and one of the reasons
people give for avoiding it.  

I feel like things have significantly improved this year on this
mailing list. 

Why thank you kind sir for your words of encouragement.
Passive-aggressive trolling is always most appreciated on mailing

 Less flame-wars here against users,

1: We are all users - none of the core group of people who answer
questions here are developers.

2: nothing that that has even come close to a flame war here has been
kicked off by one of the regular posters.  And if you think some of the
(extensive) conversations are flame wars, then you can't have been
around the net much 20 years ago.

 less bullying, less victimisation.  You have come a long way!

Are you trying to bully people into responding by any chance ....


PS - And while we are on about, please don't top post, please don't post
in HTML and please don't reply directly to my email address - Evolution
has a handy function to reply to the list (Ctrl-L), please use it.

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