Re: [Evolution] exchange online account not showing in evolution

On Tue, 2014-12-02 at 12:32 +0100, Harvey Nimmo wrote:

You should log out from gnome and then login again. You should then 
find the account in the evolution list. (I believe this happens 
because of the strong integration of evolution with gnome)

it depends when the evolution-ews had been installed (or whether it's 
installed at all). The package provides modules which are loaded only 
on background processes start, thus the restart (or the processes 
restart) is needed to have the new modules loaded. Once that's done, 
no need to restart/relogin for GNOME Online Account changes to take 

Actually, since gnome 3.14, it seems that you can set an EWS account 
directly in evolution.

That's not quite true. EWS accounts can be created directly in 
Evolution since the very beginning, it's the GNOME Online Accounts 
integration, which was added later (but also long ago).

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