Re: [Evolution] Executing evolution logs the user out

On Fri, 2014-12-19 at 07:14 +0000, Tom Davies wrote:
Hi :)
Hmm, i wonder why the Evolution Community keeps shrinking!

Do you have evidence for that (in comparison with other MUAs)?

Not long ago someone did give their version number only to be scolded
for not saying which distro!

Not by me.

It is possible to look-up which version of your program is used in any
particular distro.  Some people might have a more recent version but
chances are that they are on the default listed in DistroWatch.

So the people being asked for help are supposed to go to the trouble of
finding out which version the poster *might* be using? Seriously?

It is also possible to ask politely.  If it's a question you have to
ask a lot then copy&paste might be useful.

I have asked politely for several years. It seems to make no difference.
I don't expect this occasion to make any difference either. I confess to
letting off some steam, which I tried to indicate by the <rant> block.
Presumably some people's sense of irony needs adjusting.

Are you guys still managing 1 release per year or are you likely to
have to cut back soon due to lack of dev time?

Which guys are you referring to? You seem to be under the
misapprehension that those of us who try to answer questions here are
all developers. Let me assure that the great majority of us aren't.
We're mere users like you. Sometimes we answer questions and sometimes
we ask them. It's called a user community, and asking questions properly
is a great help to getting them answered.


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