Re: [Evolution] Executing evolution logs the user out

Hi :) 
Most of you are great most of the time.  However it only takes 1 rude post to sour a thread.  Usually it's about the 1st or 2nd response.  If anyone apologised then it might make amends, even if it's not the person who was rude - but instead the person being rude seems to be applauded. 

It is a problem that OpenSource is famous for and one of the reasons people give for avoiding it. 

I feel like things have significantly improved this year on this mailing list.  Less flame-wars here against users, less bullying, less victimisation.  You have come a long way!  It's just a shame to see someone "trying to be funny" and failing at this time. 
Regards from
Tom :) 

On 19 December 2014 at 15:39, Pete Biggs <pete biggs org uk> wrote:

> Which guys are you referring to? You seem to be under the
> misapprehension that those of us who try to answer questions here are
> all developers. Let me assure that the great majority of us aren't.
> We're mere users like you. Sometimes we answer questions and sometimes
> we ask them. It's called a user community, and asking questions properly
> is a great help to getting them answered.

I really do sometimes wonder why we bother trying to help people.  I've
come quite close to unsubscribing from this list a few times because I
just can't be bothered with some of the s**t I've got from people.


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