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  • [orca-list] New Voxin with vocalizer, Edhoari Setiyoso
  • [orca-list] transmitting to WIFI, Glenn K 0 L N Y :)
  • [orca-list] mistake with archlinux, Jude DaShiell
  • [orca-list] now trying to get Orca going, Glenn K 0 L N Y :)
  • [orca-list] Voxin, Glenn K 0 L N Y :)
  • [orca-list] Orca can't see a Statusbar in wx application, Arkadiusz Kozioł
  • [orca-list] transfering a file via SSH, Glenn K 0 L N Y :)
  • [orca-list] No Audio On Pine64 and Media Server, Glenn K 0 L N Y :)
  • [orca-list] one issue resolved with Slint, Michael Weaver
  • [orca-list] Some Slint questions, Michael Weaver
  • [orca-list] still the same error, Michael Weaver
  • [orca-list] Skype, google-chrome, chromevox, and orca., Hwaen Ch'uqi
  • [orca-list] fedora 31 and brlapi, Väinö Rihti
  • [orca-list] why Orca can not run when openbox window manager is started without whole desktop environment, Mgr. Janusz Chmiel
  • [orca-list] System problem, Michael Weaver
  • [orca-list] a system problem, Michael Weaver
  • [orca-list] Retroarch, an emulation system, is now accessible, Devin Prater
  • [orca-list] Accessibility of Accerciser, Andy Borka
  • [orca-list] Accessibility of electron applications, Vojtěch Šmiro
  • [orca-list] Editing PO files, Patrick ZAJDA
  • [orca-list] A Newbie Problem, vladdragomir1983
  • [orca-list] Orca accessibility issues with jupyter-notebook., sanchit orca
  • Re: [orca-list] vscode and orca, Nolan Darilek
  • [orca-list] Orca and android studio, Rui Kelson
  • [orca-list] ot: profiling and performance tracing, Michał Zegan
  • [orca-list] chrome dev fedora rawhide, mattias jonsson
  • Re: [orca-list] Possible Bug: Pre-testing of Orca with Chromium/Chrome, Joanmarie Diggs
  • [orca-list] Raspbian: Problem starting orca under ratpoison, Lars Bjørndal
  • [orca-list] State OF Orca/Kubuntu?, Jace Kattalakis

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