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  • [Gimp-developer] Allow zero delta on 'add border' filter, Jeremy Morton
  • [Gimp-developer] Environment., Román
  • [Gimp-developer] wgo, model releases, and cc licensing, Pat David
  • [Gimp-developer] GSoC PSD Project Summary, CirqueForge
  • [Gimp-developer] API to parse a saved GIMP's curves f ile, Alessandro Francesconi
  • [Gimp-developer] Enhancement request GIMP "Search for all commands", Mika
  • [Gimp-developer] Final Report - GSoC : OpenCL Operation Support, Carlos Zubieta
  • [Gimp-developer] List of dependencies (versions and configuration options) for GIMP on Windows, Jehan Pagès
  • [Gimp-developer] Adapted and unadapted sRGB luminance values, Elle Stone
  • [Gimp-developer] gimp: gtk3-port, podhorsky.ksj
  • [Gimp-developer] converting svg to png with black background, Matt Becker
  • [Gimp-developer] TIFF Deflate compression method writes proprietary/deprecated tag to file, Federico
  • Re: [Gimp-developer] GSoC Status, Victor Oliveira
  • [Gimp-developer] Usability for icon-editing, Thomas W
  • [Gimp-developer] 'Export...' usability & filename defaults, Thomas W
  • [Gimp-developer] Crowdfunding Proposal for Symmetry/Mirror Painting in GIMP, Jehan Pagès
  • Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp-developer-list Digest, Vol 24, Issue 22, Thomas W
  • [Gimp-developer] Any interested collaborators?, Srihari Sriraman
  • Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp-developer-list Digest, Vol 24, Issue 20, Thomas W
  • [Gimp-developer] Dialog Safe text entered appears in searchbox instead filenamebox annoying, Marc Kroeks \(zonnet.nl\)
  • [Gimp-developer] gimp.org is down, tobias . lunte
  • Re: [Gimp-developer] Displaying linear gamma images, Elle Stone
  • [Gimp-developer] Nightly Build of GIMP, Jehan Pagès
  • [Gimp-developer] Gimp color picker's displayed colors, Elle Stone
  • [Gimp-developer] Displaying linear gamma images (Was Re: Update on my Gimp color management coding efforts), Elle Stone
  • [Gimp-developer] Designs made using Gimp, Mahavisnujana Ochoa
  • [Gimp-developer] refactor palette loading code, Warren Turkal
  • [Gimp-developer] Of Palettes and Plug-ins, Warren Turkal
  • [Gimp-developer] possible bug, Warren Turkal
  • [Gimp-developer] GEGL-and GIO-porting matrices: status indicators, scl
  • [Gimp-developer] Gimp quick brush editor idea., Abraham Levi Mireles Alvarez
  • [Gimp-developer] Documentation about menu hooks, bart
  • [Gimp-developer] Translation handling with python plugins, bart
  • [Gimp-developer] non-destructive editing and adjustment layers, kcleung
  • [Gimp-developer] does the current git master have 16/32-bit color channels and non-destructive editing?, kcleung

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