[Gimp-developer] List of dependencies (versions and configuration options) for GIMP on Windows

Hi Jernej, or any other developer able to answer before,

This is a question about the official Windows build, which I
understand you are the maintainer of.

A user has a problem with fonts on Windows. Fonts with no bold/italic
typeface usually can have a simulated bold/italic version. I tested it
on Linux, it indeed works well, but not on Windows. I think that Pango
is taking care of it since it has such a feature.

Anyway the user says this was working fine on GIMP 2.8.4, but not on
GIMP 2.8.6. So I compiled GIMP master, GIMP 2.8.6, 2.8.4 and even
older versions. I also tried older versions of pango, freetype, etc.
Well I never was able to have this work on Windows.
Would you mind telling me exactly the list of dependencies included in
your builds, their versions and the configure options?


P.S.: you can see the bug here:

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